Club Sponsorship

Colour My Kit will sponsor your triathlon club!

As an extension to our Sponsor The Nation program, we are very excited to announce our club sponsorship initiative. We are already offering a unique sponsorship opportunity to everyone in the country to win cash prizes by winning their age group in any triathlon in the country, but we wanted to go a step further and get clubs involved too.

Triathlon Club Sponsorship

Clubs are the life blood of the sport. Coaches and committee members  give up hours of their time to grow and develop their triathlon clubs, so we wanted to give something back too.

Order custom kit from Colour My Kitand we will offer everyone from that club a 20% discount code to use on our retail range for a 1 year period. We will then give the club back 20% of the value of all those orders as a cash back which can be put back into the club!

The offer is open to any club, organisation or group who orders fully customised kit, be it triathlon, running or cycling from the Colour My Kit website.


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