How to get triathlon sponsorship?

How to get triathlon sponsorship – the big question!

Over October we are reviewing sponsorship requests received during the season, and we welcome emails from anyone and everyone. We want to offer some tips, but without giving it all away, about what companies like ourselves are looking for in race team athletes.

What is triathlon sponsorship?

Firstly, a bit of an introduction. Forget the more traditional interpretation of sponsorship as a ‘give away’ or donation, unless you are an established elite athlete or have a very unique story to tell. You are writing to companies asking for a job promoting that company, yes, like you would when applying for any job – anything less and you are going to be very wide of the mark.

Wide of the Mark

Hint: we receive immaculate CVs that are presented better than most job CVs, that have clearly taken many hours to put together. Companies infer that the time you commit to writing a good CV is indicative of how seriously you will take your role of being a sponsored athlete.

The interesting thing is, it is up to you – the athlete – do define the job and explain why you would be AMAZING at doing it.

Hint: Companies are lazy, and busy, and don’t have time to tell you what they want from you – your initiative and pro-activeness are your biggest potential selling points.

Why should ColourMyKit sponsor you?

There are two things companies look at when evaluating sponsorship requests; how good are you results and will you make a good brand ambassador? You can get sponsorship by being AMAZING at one OR the other, or by being VERY GOOD at both.

Triathlon Sponsorship

Results: Think of it as a numbers game. How many people are there as good as you on the UK triathlon scene? If they all wrote to the same company, would the company have the budget to sponsor them all…..? You need to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Promotional Skills: Websites, blogs, facebook and twitter are all good selling points but pretty much need to be taken as the minimum….my Dad is on twitter. See above; your initiative and pro-activeness are your biggest potential selling points.

Why are you writing to ColourMyKit for Sponsorship?

This is another very big one, if you can’t explain to the company why you like their brand, how are you going to be able to sell them to your friends and other triathletes? Using the job interview analogy again, if you can’t explain to the interviewer why you want the job or you don’t mention the company name during the interview, it isn’t going to look very good….

How to get triathlon sponsorship

We hope that has helped give you some ideas. If you’d like to race for ColourMyKit next year, we look forward to hearing from you!

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