Custom Trisuits – Coldblack®

Custom Triathlon Tri-Suits now has the Coldblack® Treatment!

We now offers a full range of customised kit for your club or team. All our customised trisuits can now have the Coldblack® treatment applied for just £5.00 per trisuit and it will keep your body 5°C cooler during that all important race.

If you are looking for customised trisuits then sends us an email with your design ideas and we will produce the design work free of charge and work with you to get in just right. Or email us for a templates and sketch out your design ideas on it, email it back and we will do the rest!

Custom Trisuit Template

Sketch out your design and colours and we will do the rest

Everything you find on the site today can be customised, along with many other items; bib tights, long sleeve cycling jerseys, track suits, polo shirts…the list goes on, so if you have any questions please just get in touch.

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