Colour My Kit Custom

Why are we called ColourMyKit? The short answer is because that is exactly what we do! Start with a white template and add colour to your custom kit, any amount of colours, any amount of logos, all for the same price!

Colour My Kit CMYK Custom

The slightly longer answer is that all we need to bring your design to life is your CMYK colour references, just like your office paper printer has ink cartridges labelled C=Cyan, M=Magenta, Y=Yellow and K=Black (sort of) for the amount of each colour in your printing. Our slightly larger and more vastly more complex fabric sublimation machines work on the same principle; with your CMYK colour references for your graphics and logos and we will print your design it from our top of the range printers, not your office desk top 😉 And if that sounds like design gobbledy-gook, then don’t worry, we are here to guide you through every step of the process.

Here is what is new from ColourMyKit this season;

– Greater range of suppliers

– New Kit; hoodies, soft shell jackets and much more

– Fast turnaround times

And here is what is remaining the same

– FREE design service

– Bringing colour into the otherwise see of black trisuits in the triathlon world

– Low 10 piece order minimum of any item or design

To discuss adding some Colour to your Kit, please contact us here!

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