Chris Roxburgh qualifies for World Duathlon Championships!

Congratulations to Chris Roxburgh who qualified for the GB Team at the World Duathlon Championships in Ottawa! After a week of illness, Chris hung on in to claim a qualification spot and a respectable 8th place in his age group at the National Championships at the same time. Here is Chris’s blog from the race;
The British Age Group Championships fell on 9th March this year and it was a competition that I felt confident about, even with the heavy training I have been doing on the build up to the race. Andy (@FusionFitness) and I were not focusing on this race to qualify for the GB team; however with how things were going, we were optimistic.

Monday, plenty of time before race day arrived and so I decided to do a night shift. Unfortunately, so did a sudden bout of vomiting and diarrhoea! Just what I needed before race day!! Needless to say I went home from work early and did not work or train that week…… a natural body tapper!! All week it was then a case of getting the calories in!!

On the start line, I felt recovered and rested after the previous week, but I was about to ask my body to work to its maximum. I came off the first run with a reasonable time and around 7th place in my age group, but I could feel my body screaming already. The speed of the first run was rapid and everyone knew that the standard for this year’s race was going to be high. Then onto the bike; the course at Rutland is definitely a cyclist’s course, and one that requires a lot of climbing ability and strength. Again, I managed a decent time and began to catch up to the other athletes………coming off the bike into T2 in 4th place!! It was here that I noticed that I obviously started the race on a half tank of fuel!

Two Piece Trisuit

Feeding mid-race is vital in terms of performance, and I was unable to do this on the bike as my stomach was sensitive, so I was reluctant to put anything in it. However, I paid for that on the last run. The last 5k was a case of just having to grin and bear it, and annoyingly I lost 4 places, ending up finishing 8th in my age group after working hard to make up ground………. It was, however, good enough to qualify for GB in my age group and I will be off to Canada in August to compete in the World Championships! Job done!!

Check out Chris on Twitter and see how his season progresses @RoxyRoxburgh

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