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Unexplained Underpeformance Syndrome

Dave Mitchinson on Unexplained Underperformance Syndrome

Dave Mitchinson has had a very rough couple of months after being admitted to hospital and diagnosed with Unexplained Underperoformance Syndrome. No one likes talking about being ill when it simply brings the athlete down and we are very grateful to Dave for sharing his experiences. Great to hear is already on the mend and […]

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Chris Roxburgh World Duathlon Championships Run

Chris Roxburgh 7th at World Duathlon Championships!

World Duathlon Championships – the end goal of 2013. The build up to the World Championships could have not gone any better and racing in Ottawa, Canada was an amazing experience. The 2012-2013 season was a totally new experience for me with having a coach (Andy Mackenzie @dare_2_become) and a structured training pattern throughout the […]

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Custom Running Top

Custom Running Top

As part of our custom kit offering, we have a semi custom option; This is where we use our retail items and apply a customer’s own logos to our garments. The price of this service is just £5 per logo placement! In the above photo we took one of our retail singlets and applied a […]

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Triathlon Sponsorship

How to get triathlon sponsorship?

How to get triathlon sponsorship – the big question! Over October we are reviewing sponsorship requests received during the season, and we welcome emails from anyone and everyone. We want to offer some tips, but without giving it all away, about what companies like ourselves are looking for in race team athletes. What is triathlon […]

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custom tri suit

Alice Hector’s new custom tri suit

Alice has made a great return to racing this year; winning the Sprint World Championship overall in the ladies division, as well as winning many races overall (men and women) during the season. 2014 sees Alice returning to the Pro ranks (she was the bronze medalist at the 2007 ITU Long Course European Championships) and […]

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Dave Mitchinson

Dave Mitchinson – Back to racing!

Back to racing – 10km and Half Marathon 5 weeks after my 100km, and probably 5 weeks sooner than I’d have liked I lined up for the Bristol 10km, an excellent mass participation event, and also the 2nd race in the Run Britain grand Prix, an innovative and exciting series of races which pits some […]

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Kerry MacPhee Scottish Duathlon Champion

Kerry MacPhee is Scottish Duathlon Champion!

Kerry MacPhee is the latest elite athlete to join the ColourMyKit Race Team. Kerry specialises in off road triathlon such as X-Terra and in 2012 recorded some fantastic results; 2012 Scottish Duathlon Champion, 2012 Scottish Cross Triathlon Champion, 2nd at the Scottish Sprint Triathlon Championships and many more besides. This year Kerry is focusing on […]

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UK Athletics 100km Championships

To Hell and Back – 100km Nightmare

Today’s blog is from our resident long distance runner, Dave Mitchinson. In this blog, Dave shares his exploits in his longest, toughest and most unpleasant race to date. An arduous 100km race, where the pride of representing his country kept Dave going, through injury and worse. A really heroic run, well done Dave, we hope […]

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220 Triathlon Awards

Phil Wylie voted Duathlete of the Year 2012!

Today’s blog is from our GB Duathlete Phil Wylie, who was recently presented the award for 220 Duathlete of the Year 2012! A very well deserved winner we say, to one of the most consistent and highest level performers on the Elite Duathlon Circuit. Over to Phil; Not such a good month. Started well with […]

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Two Piece Trisuit

Racing has begun!

Today’s blog is from Chris Roxburgh who is raring to go and get started with the season’s racing! Another few weeks have passed and it is time for another update……… Training is going well and my legs are getting faster. The work load from University is also coming in faster and my brain feels like […]

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Running Diary

Ben Rockett’s Running Diary

Our leading cyclist Ben Rockett, has only thing on his mind, and that is running. Triathletes beware! The biggest challenges I’ve faced since the last posting have been (a) my new, very warm duvet and (b) the cold mornings. Yet I’ve been encouraging myself to don the training shoes and maintain the running routine that […]

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Alastair Brownlee BBC Super Stars dips

What is (and isn’t) functional training?

Today’s blog is from GB Age Group Athlete and Health Consultant Adam Hamilton. Another very smart and informative blog which reminds us, did you watch Alastair Brownlee being relatively rubbish at dips on BBC Super Stars? It might be a bit surprising, but we know many top triathletes who are excellent swimmers, but seemingly have […]

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220 Triathlon Awards Phil Wylie

Phil Wylie shortlised for duathlete of the year!

Today’s Blog is from GB’s top flight duathlete Phil Wylie. Phil has been shortlisted for Male Duathlete of the Year 2012 in the prestigous 220 Triathlon Awards. Phil is one of the most consistent performers on the Duathlon circuit, recording several top 10 finishes in the French Grand Prix series which culminated with the top […]

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Triathlete Holly Lawrence Cycling

Holly Lawrence heading for some winter sun

Today’s Blog is from Holly Lawrence;   Not much has changed since the last blog, I have just been getting down to some consistent training. The snow and ice hampered getting out cycling on the roads for a bit being replaced by some good old time on the turbo. Thankfully all the snow is out of the […]

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